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Winter architectural expedition


to the North of Russia and Scandinavia.


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We are going north! To explore architecture, to get acquainted with the traditions of suburban life, to communicate with the architects, going on mountains, skiing and making movies. We are interested in how people live in difficult conditions and how they spend their leisure time, how can a cruel winter affect the society, what kind of problems do people face during the cold season. And first of all we are interested in architecture - how it affects a person and how can a person organize his living space. During the expedition we are going to make some kind of online stories and to make movies.

You can help us with your advice!
We are looking for interesting people and stories on the way. We are interested in everything connected with modern and classical architecture, in unique stories of simple country living. We are looking for practicing architects, ready to talk about their practice. We are interested in all aspects of country life in winter time - daily life, leisure and customs. And, of course, we will be happy to take part in any adventure activities

Ivan Ovchinnikov - architect, traveler, author of DublDom
Max Babulin - photo and video operatorфото и видео оператор, traveler
Vyacheslav Lukashev - third, traveler, fisherman.



Join to us:

We have one vacant seat in motorhome on the part of the way (up to 1000km).
Conditions - to be actively participate in the program and pay for fuel on its part of the way.




Moscow - Kandalaksha - Murmansk - Kirkenes - Nordkap - Tromse - Trondheim - Oslo - France - Czech republic - Moscow





13.01 - 20.02.2017




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