We have set a difficult task - to assemble a large luxury single-family house from the modules produced at the factory.

The project is designed for one family. The overall dimensions of the house are 13x13 meters. The usable area is 138 square meters, the terrace area is 50 square meters. From the modules that arrived on the road, we assembled a house with a huge bedroom, high ceilings and a spacious living room. Inside the house there is an open layout with large rooms and a connection with the natural environment due to the large amount of glazing. There is natural lighting in every room, which is important for the microclimate and the health of the owners. There are no corridors at all and the rooms flow from one to another. It is important for us to use the interior space a hundred percent.

Price without VAT when ordering in the Czech Republic. The team from the Czech Republic deliver houses only to the countries: the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Hungary.
External dimensions of the house without the verandas (HxWx D): 4.49х12.83х17.15 m
Living area: 138.4 m²
Building area: 220 m²
Ceiling heigth: 1.85-3.80 m

Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2