Harmony of openness and solitude
Max and Liana are the founders and owners of Maxgoodz company. They make notebooks and accessories for creativity: sketchbooks, diaries, pencil cases and much more.

Our heroes are adherents of a simple and happy life, the guys constantly live in their DublDom, going to the city 3-4 times a week - mostly to the workshop. After moving out of town, there are not so many good reasons to get out of the house for a long time.
Architects: Ivan Ovchinnikov, Olga Sandakova
Interior design: owner
Max and Liana have only two closest neighbors, and the view from their terrace overlooks the forest.
Max is an illustrator, and 7 years ago, when the guys were still living in Novosibirsk, he could not find a good notebook for his notes and sketches. That's when he decided to make it himself.

Maxgoodz is one of the inspiring stories about how a successful business grew out of an idea and love for creativity.

Max sewed the first notebook for his and Liana's wedding. It was a wedding wish book, which now keeps warm messages from friends and memorable photos. It became the prototype of all future Maxgoodz notebooks.

Max sewed notebooks in Novosibirsk on his balcony: for himself and his friends, small batches for local shops. Liana started helping to run social networks and communicate with partners.
There are a lot of fruit trees and berry bushes on the plot, and with the beginning of the season, Liana wants to organize several garden beds.
The project began developing actively, and 4.5 years ago our heroes came to Moscow for a business intensive. "We decided to find out how "adults" do business and went to the training, taking Max's sewing machine with us," Liana remembers and laughs. The intensive ended, but the guys stayed in Moscow and opened their workshop.

Since then and before moving to DublDom, our heroes lived at the factory for 4 years. They rented a room and equipped it in the same place where the workshop was. The guys always traveled a lot and rarely visited Moscow.

While still living in Novosibirsk, Max and Liana decided that they wanted to live outside the city, in their own house. Therefore, when the factory was demolished, it became clear that it was time to start looking for a dream house.
The IKEA kitchen in the "Moss Green" color, bright household appliances, a homemade log chandelier, a Soviet carpet from the Avito - all this has developed into a cozy and impressive individuality of the interior of our heroes.
After moving to Moscow, the guys made friends - Dima and Nalya Chernye ("The story of Nalya and Dima").

Dima and Nalya already lived in the DublDom and shared inspiring stories and experiences with Max and Liana. Our heroes visited friends repeatedly and even lived there for a few days while the owners left for the city.

Max remembers how he opened his eyes in the morning and immediately saw the tall grass swaying cozily in the dawn rays of the sun. It grew right outside the panoramic window DD65 and was so close that it seemed you could touch it. He and Liana were very impressed by this closeness with nature at that time, and DublDom went deep in their souls.
Max and Liana are very happy with their Breneran oven and affectionately call it "Porky ". Because they are similar.
The oven is rarely used, only in severe frosts or for the atmosphere.
The guys seriously thought about buying a house, but there were doubts that led to the search for other modular house projects. One of project was repelled because of the fact that the house was rented without finishing, and would have to be involved in serious repairs. Max and Liana categorically didn't plan to do this. They considered an individual project with an architect, but only frame of the house costed 12 million rubles. The doubts ended there.

The plot was bought in May 2019. The guys had an interesting request, the opposite of the classic one: a place that is maximally disconnected from society, no kindergartens, no shops, no sports clubs, no infrastructure are needed nearby. They wanted a lot of forest and nature.

Even before buying the house, Max and Liana came to the plot just to spend time there. One day they were lying with friends under the shade of a huge oak-tree that sprawled on the pond opposite their plot, and a fox came out of the forest to them. And the fox is the logo of Maxgoodz company. So, the guys realized that they had definitely found their place.
Max says that the house itself, and the space that they created with love, help him to create.
Light, space and silence - it's easier to catch inspiration and cool new ideas in them.
Max and Liana have an unusual history of acquiring a DublDom: they took their house only the second time. For the first time the house was ordered in the summer of 2019, and in the fall, it was already ready. But then the house couldn't be supply — the guys changed their plans, and they asked to sell the finished house to anyone who wanted it.

Max and Lina flew to Bali for the winter and asked us to make the next BAOBAB for them by the spring 2020. The house was ready in March, the guys were supposed to return in early April. And then the pandemic happened, and our friends stayed in Bali until the end of August, finding an absolutely unique time of almost complete absence of tourists on an empty island. From March to September, the DublDom patiently waited for its owners at the production area in Zhukovka.

At the end of September, the house was installed - traditionally in a week. Max and Liana got the keys and for a long time could not believe that they moved so quickly and unnoticed - the perfect moving!
"Exactly a week after the start of the DublDom installation, we got the keys. It was possible to take a bath in the house right away! For the next couple months, we were shocked by how quickly the new reality loaded," says Liana.
In the fall, the period of furniture and accessories selection began. The red SMEG refrigerator was the first to enter the DublDom, it was a New Year's gift to Max and Liana from their parents a couple of years ago, when the guys were still living at the factory. And turned out it became beginning of the interior formation.

They had the idea for Max making a minimalistic wooden kitchen in a rustic style, but one day Liana came to IKEA for some little stuff and accidentally found the perfect green kitchen there. She immediately imagined it with a gold apron and accessories, the picture formed in her head.

The next thing that appeared in the house was Soviet carpet from the Avito, which very successfully combined the red and green colors of the kitchen area. Then, the emerald sofa, which was originally supposed to have mustard color, fit perfectly into the rest of the interior.
Shamanic tambourine - a gift to Max from Altai - and an African drum.
The dining table, the kitchen shelves and worktop, and the long work table in Max's office were all custom made from karagach (elm) slab. A slab is a cross-section of a whole piece of a tree trunk. The products have an incredibly tactile and aesthetically pleasing appearance and texture. They look great as they are and look organically in the interior of the DublDom.

The dining table has an unusual leg — this is the base of an old sewing machine. As we already know, Max started creating and building up the Maxgoodz right behind the sewing machine. The art object was found and bought on Avito.
In the hallway they made an open storage. This encourages to keep neatness.
The guys brought many details and interior items from their travels: Bali, Italy, Africa. In Bali, the guys managed to buy a lot of different interior attributes, they even loaded a huge wicker swing with them on the plane.

A room with a panoramic view of the pond became Max's office, and two more rooms were conceived as guest rooms. One of them works for its intended purpose, and the second one serves as a storage place for equipment and unused things.
For 6 years, the guys have slept on the floor, the bedroom has a very minimalistic atmosphere.
Our heroes are creative people who love to craft and create. In the fall, Max cut down a dry, half-rotted oak in the forest, brought it home and made an impressive chandelier out of it. He made a lamp from a motorcycle headlight, and from the boards that remained from the installation of the DublDom, he built a porch with a storage space.

On the 2000 square meters plot, Max wants to equip a place for gatherings around the campfire and the fire pit itself. He plans to make a garage and a workshop. Max is thinking of making it in the style of a DublDom from a container and an extension. The guys have already installed a modular bathhouse with large panoramic windows. It was brought completely ready, just like DublDom. After such a pleasant experience, there is absolutely no desire to get involved in construction and planning.
There are a lot of art objects in the office and a piano that Max is learning to play.
The guys say that in summer everything is buried in greenery, and the view from the window is absolutely groovy.
Max and Liana really loved life in nature. To the question "What is missing in suburban life?", they answer: "There is no such thing! Everything is perfect! Groovy!".

We wish the guys to continue keeping happiness in every moment, and to remain open to this world!
Max and Liana on their house's terrace.
Text: Daria Khotkina
Photos: Arseny Rossikhin