APRIL 10, 2020
Dr. Kadlubinsky's review
Model: KEDR (BEREZA with extension to KEDR)
For the first time I saw DD at a friend's house. I can say absolutely honestly, it was love at first sight! A spark ran through my soul, just like with a first love, and at the same second a very strong intention was formed in my subconscious: "I want this house!". And as we know, all our wishes, which are really ours, come true immediately. Therefore, the magical sequence of events that led me to the central sales office of DD did not take long.

Within 3 months I bought the plot and signed a contract of sale.

For me, the most important asset in life is time, and DD sells not only a beautiful house (we'll talk about it later), DD sells savings of couple years of life, and, more importantly, DD saves a huge amount of internal energy.

If we talk about DD itself as a house, then for me DD is not just a house, but a whole philosophy, "life style", if you like. But do not confuse philosophy and religion!!!

I've been doing marathons all my life and running all over the world in mountains, forests, fields. The main goal for me of this part of life is communication with nature and "panorama therapy" if you like, and DD is an ideal example of daily panorama therapy. Therefore, the first thing I did after installation was planting all around about 50 coniferous trees. For me, it's just a "thing" to wake up and look out the window at the fluffy paw of the fir tree, and so that the rays of the sun make their way between the twigs. Now I see it every day, dawn in the morning, sunset in the evening, it's really happiness.

For me DD is not just a house, but an energy recovery center, which has greatly improved the quality of my life and energy resources. And now this house has become an online rehabilitation center, not figuratively, but in the literal sense of the word. Because I had to close my SPORTDOC center in Moscow due to quarantine, and without thinking twice, we switched all classes to online mode. Now my favorite patients see on their tablets not only their favorite doctor, but also an amazing panorama (instead of wall). And for me it's very important, that makes our classes much more enjoyable and productive.

Talking about the sports side of this house I equipped each zone with rowing equipment and a ski concept, my wife just didn't allow me to bring a treadmill))), and the terrace became a great place for a workout.

P.S. Don't have no claims to DD, it's warm in winter))) The floors don't creak, I got everything I wanted for this money. I regret only one thing that I didn't take the largest model. But let it be my biggest sadness in life)))

Thank you, Ivan, thanks to the DD team. I love everyone.