"Fellini in the barberry bushes"
The largest model in the DublDom line — DD 2.130 appeared on the plot on the Minsk highway a year and a half ago. The heroes have been planning different options for many years, and eventually returned to frame housebuilding.
Model: DD 2.130 and Barn 23
Architect: Ivan Ovchinnikov
Interior design: owner
The Japanese theme sounds very carefully in the garden decor.
There is a sad pine tree and a sad fir tree on the plot. These names were given to them by the owners.
Evgeny and Marina have been together for 20 years. Together they conquer the ski slopes, go on car trips, ride bicycles and relax on the bank of the Ugra River. The couple met in Trekhgorka village. Identical wood-paneled houses, the usual country pastime. At that time, they swam here on the pond, did barbecue with friends and watched a movie in a public barn, and the entertainment was quite official — Mosfilm brought pictures, there were a posters and tickets costed 15-20 kopecks.

In the 2000s, the old horticultural society turned out to be in a ring of 24-storey concrete houses, and in order to get into the forest familiar from childhood, keys were needed. Evgeny's parents did not sell the plot and moved, and Marina's parents decided on a new construction a little further along the same Minsk highway, in the area of the Lesnoy Gorodok. The plot with a stone box was bought there and for some time Evgeny, Marina and their children - the eldest son Gera and little Ksenia - lived together. So there was, as Egeny jokes, an imperceptible "evolution from village residents to cottage residents " who were accustomed not to wooden panels, but to plastered walls and almost urban habitat.
The facade is partially sheathed with larch.
When the couple bought a plot two streets away from their parents, they started with the idea of a house in a timber framing style. But the chosen "Butterfly" model turned out to be too big for their 1000 square meters plot.

Then the couple entered the most interesting and lengthy stage, which Evgeny calls "planning". Since Evgeny is professionally engaged in facades, there are many architects in his environment. Drawing a friend's house - what could be more exciting. "The designing often ended in the morning," Evgeny recalls. At some point, Marina gently hinted to her husband that it looked like sabotage, because a year had already passed during the discussion at home. A young architect was chosen, and the project was commissioned to him.

"When you start designing, an incredible need for beauty opens up in you," Evgeny says. — We had a very beautiful project: L-shaped, with a roof from one fence to another, with an inner yard. The facade is lined with bricks. There were columns at the entrance, and looking at each one, you could say - this is one year of a child's education somewhere far away, and this is the second year." From an architectural point of view, everything was wonderful, but such a house should stand in an appropriate environment, the couple believes. Around their plot there are many cottages of 400-800 sq. m., built in the 00's in the style of that time. Each of these houses was built for five or six years. In addition to the fact that it's just a long time, the turbulent situation in the country affects the house under construction, when it is impossible to predict what the financial situation will be in a couple of years.
Evgeny and Marina love bright interiors and initially wanted a lot of color, but the house turned out to be quite concise.
Evgeny and Marina knew about the DublDom for a long time, a mutual friend showed them Ivan Ovchinnikov's project. In terms of glass area, it was similar to a project made for order and it required much less time and resources. It was also influenced by the fact that after visiting the plot in Besedy village, the spouses were offered to see a house in neighboring Odintsovo. The owner immediately invited them to visit, despite the fact that there was a wife and two children in the house.

"We arrived, there are complete strangers around. An ordinary horticultural society, also clamped by fences. We looked around — people live there constantly, they seemed fine — Evgeny says. DublDom is a sect of positive people, not bores who complain: here something fell off, and here something cracked."
First of all, it's a family house filled with children's toys and laughter.
"Real estate draws you in— he continues. - Recently we discussed with friends that we are forty years old, we work on weekdays, in the evening we are with the children. And we go to the country house on the weekend. And it's all pretty boring. That's why we didn't want a long construction. DublDom is easy, fast, simple and financially controlled. At the same time, you can continue to travel without entering into rigid economy mode." There were a lot of plans — several houses were conceived on the plot, one of them was a guest house with a sauna.

But in the end, in the spring of 2017, the couple signed a contract for the production of an individual DD 2.130. The project was redesigned several times — the glass living room could be in the center, and the house is deployed across the plot. However, the house, surrounded by terraces, was placed along the fence, and a 23-meter structure appeared on the same level with it, which was planned to be used as a garage. It has two bedrooms — the parents' bedroom, with a separate bathroom, and the son's room. The house also has a dressing room, a bedroom for the youngest daughter and a bathroom with a sauna with a window. The idea of a sauna with a window was spotted during a ski vacation in Austria. "It's beautiful here when there is snow outside the window," Marina says.
Evgeny and Marina bought the wings two more apartments ago, as a result, they found a place in the DublDom.
The large hallway is free from furniture, children play in it perfectly. At the end of the house there is a living room and a full-width kitchen. The owners ordered the kitchen separately, during numerous relocations and repairs they dreamed of the island, but they realized the idea only here. There is a glass table adjacent to the island, where friends who come here almost every week like to gather.

They settled in the house quite quickly, considering that, according to the owners, the concept of it is very simple - I bought it, I installed it, I started living. "From the point of view of ordinary people, DublDom is a small house, but our friends, family people with children came here for the New Year. All holidays 22 people and two dogs lived here. In the New Year itself, the neighbors came, so in fact there were 34 people here. And the meaning of this hallway was revealed—"Evgeny says. — When you look at the layout, you think: " Why do we need such a big hallway, it eats up the place?" And then more than 30 people came here, someone was hanging out at the table, someone was on the sofas, and children were playing in the hallway. The shared space works great."
"We evolved from village residents to cottage residents," Evgeny says. — Now we live in a frame house and we don't care about anything. Gas and DublDom are incompatible. Investments in gas heating will pay off for fifteen years."
Of course, there was also a fly in the ointment — the house on the plot was supposed to be done in early July, for Evgeny's birthday, but it was installed at the end of August. The landscaping work also shifted and ended in mid-summer 2018. Thanks to the designers, conifers appeared, and the side facade was complemented by bright barberry bushes.
Movie barn is a cozy space that reminds the owners of adolescence.
In addition, if necessary, it becomes a guest house.
The garage, from which the "Barn 23" model subsequently emerged, turned into a movie hall (the owners call it a movie barn) — there is a corner modular sofa along the perimeter of the walls, a screen is stretched opposite. This is a tribute to the barn from the common childhood of Marina and Evgeny. "I have a dream to do something like this in our county house, to pull the screen on the street, call the neighbors and watch Fellini," Evgeny shares. Well, I hope that one day the music of Nino Rota will really sound on the streets of the village, gathering Evgeny and Marina's neighbors under the starry sky.
Evgeny and Marina, owners of DD 2.130.
Text: Anastasia Ryzhkova
Photo: Julia Sverchkova