"Walls that inspire"
Having made a spontaneous decision to purchase a plot, Elena Walter also spontaneously chose a DublDom. It turned out that the house became an ideal decoration for a collection of vintage Italian furniture and light, as well as Soviet porcelain.
Model: KEDR
Architect: Ivan Ovchinnikov
Interior design: owner
The dining table was found by the hostess on eBay, the chairs are Willy Rizzo.
Elena Walter's life is closely connected with Italy — she worked as a translator for many years, and four years ago she abruptly changed her activities and created a gallery of vintage Italian light "20th Century Lamps". Thus, an apartment in the center of Moscow has become a showroom in which it is increasingly difficult to find a place to gather a family — Elena has an adult son and daughter

A friend who lived in one of the horticultural societies near Mozhaisk, in April 2017, offered to look at a plot for sale in the village next to the forest. The decision was made spontaneously, immediately during the visiting. "With age, there is no time for doubts," Elena says. - Of course, the neighborhood with a friend also played a role, and the fact that there is a person in the village who is ready to look after the house all year round."

Then, as usual, the torment began — what should be the future house, what color are the doors, walls? How many rooms, what layout? At the same time, Elena knew for sure that there was no resource for a long and expensive construction with builders and a foreman.

During the search, Elena found information about modular houses, then saw the DublDom projects and went with her son to the exhibition area in Zhukovka. There were a million questions, but emotion again turned out to be the key to the choice. "I felt the house when I got inside. And on the second visit I realized: DublDom is exactly what I need", - Elena recalls. — You see people who are in the same aesthetic code with you, and you understand that they can't do anything bad. Of course, there may be some shortcomings, but nothing bad will happen, because the guys have the same spirit as me."

In June, a contract was signed, and in October, a standard DD 65 was delivered to the plot. The house had a kitchen and two beds – all assembled by the DublDom team.
Elena has an extensive collection of vintage porcelain, in particular Imperial Porcelain Factory and Gzhel.
In this form, KEDR became an ideal frame for the hostess' interior experiments: "I understood that I would invest money in the plot only on one condition - if it is beautiful here, and then I would want to come here. And DublDom gave me this opportunity, it's clear that I made all the filling, but the walls themselves dictate and give me inspiration."

The main theme was set by the lamps — the first three large yellow plafonds appeared in the house, which were hung in the center of the gable, then they were supplemented by plafonds, sconces and table lamps of Italian factories of the 60s and 70s. However, the main topic was set by yellow color.

As the hostess admits, her day begins and ends with watching Instagram, and often ideas come from there. This is how two mosaic panels appeared — one above the kitchen countertop, and the second perfectly entered the window opening from the ChronosFactor vintage furniture showroom.

In the hallway, there are wall-mounted metal sculptures by C. Jerè and Empoli vases — the hostess can talk for hours about this Tuscan glass of the rare forest green color. In general, there is a lot of glass decor in the house. According to Elena, panoramic windows set an amazing play of light that passes through glass vases in different ways. A glass coffee table also supports the playing, in which the stripes of the blinds are reflected, creating a quite cinematic picture and sending the observer back to the times of the brilliant Antonioni.

There was a place around the table for vintage Italian armchairs and for an IKEA sofa, it seems to be one of the few mass-produced items here, which, however, has a long family history. But the center of the interior was a square table, bought on eBay. Although Elena dreamed of a round table around which her whole family and numerous friends would gather. The habit of searching and following the emotion that some things awaken again turned out to be more important. And when the iconic Willy Rizzo chairs and handmade Turkmen wool carpet appeared around, the interior finally took place.
The hostess' bedroom also has a lot of vintage furniture — a bar table, a mirror in the form of a boat, a round floor lamp.
Elena met the New Year 2018 here with friends, translators, who suddenly brought with them a 70-year-old guest from Italy. When she entered the house, there was no limit to her surprise — in the middle of the Moscow suburbs she met with objects that evoke memories of distant youth.

"DublDom gave me a second youth. You really feel young here. Because the house stands out from all the canons to which we are used to. We live in spaces where the area of the walls is larger than the area of the windows, but here it's the opposite. Therefore, interaction with the world and nature is completely different and the mood is always good. A year ago I shouldn't have been forced to go to Italy. But now I realize that I get into the car — and in two and a half hours I am in the house. And I feel the same emotions here, if not stronger," says Elena.
All the chairs in the house were bought in Italy and belong to the 60s and 70s of the XX century.
Cast-iron plates were accidentally noticed on Instagram. After grinding and polishing, they were the first to arrive at the new house.
Now Elena is getting another DublDom built — this time a 23-meter one which will have another bedroom and sauna. "This story is born in the totality of architecture, the person who created it, and the people who surround him, this creates the atmosphere and result in which I now live," the hostess adds.

Indeed, when fir and birch trees look out the window, wild flowers grow around, birds sing and the picture changes every hour, you don't want to leave home anywhere, instead you just want to ask the hostess to pour hot tea into a vintage porcelain cup, sit in an armchair and look at the forest again and again through a huge window.
Elena Walter, her beagle Leia and KEDR.
Text: Anastasia Ryzhkova
Photo: Julia Sverchkova