MAY 10, 2020
Olga Gorskaya's review
Model: BAOBAB + Barn 23
Our home is our place of power.

It was 2017. We spent evenings browsing real estate websites and planning to move from a small city near Moscow to Moscow. After all, that's where all life is: there are jobs, good schools, high-quality medicine. Except that the weekend we wanted to spend in nature and silence, and this was the issue we had to solve before moving.

We had a small land plot in a Moscow oblast village, Sergei's mother was born and grew up here, and this place has a special value for our family. We have an old house, but it needs renovation. It will take years to create and implement a high-quality project, but we wanted to spend time in nature as soon as possible.

Then we saw the DublDom advertisement on Facebook, went to the page and the very first photo made our eyes shine. A bit later, when we arrived at the exhibition area in Zhukovka, we finally strengthened our feelings and even then realized: "Yes! This is it - our home for weekends and holidays!". We only had to choose a model. Then in Zhukovka we were amazed by both the quality of execution and the genius of the very idea of DublDom - the offer of a completely ready-made and thought-out solution for life. After a visit to the production, we wanted to test the DD as soon as possible, and we went for a test drive to Talitsy. After returning from there, we could not wait for the day when we would open the door of our own house.

We opted for a new model of the beginning of 2018 DD 103 and in addition we ordered a DD Barn, which was attached to the house through an unheated terrace. Our house was fully installed on the plot in exactly 3 weeks (this is also taking into account the fact that weather conditions greatly interfered the installers and there was additional work on the basement). When we started this story "at home for the weekend", we did not even dream of such deadlines.

And what happened next? Then our life changed dramatically, because with a DublDom it couldn't be other way. For a whole year every weekend we were in a hurry to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and go to our house to our windows, to the crackling of wood in the fireplace, to the rays of sunlight penetrating our living room at dawn. It took us a whole year to realize that it was here in the village that we were at home. We don't need any apartment in Moscow. We need to have breakfast in our pajamas in the garden, we need to run barefoot on our terrace under the first warm spring rain, we need to feed the birds and watch them through our large panoramic windows, receive guests, enjoy meetings and communication with loved ones. This is what life is and we realized it by looking out of our DublDom into our large windows. And it took us a whole year to understand that we can afford to live where we feel good, and a good school and high-quality medicine were found here, it turns out we only needed a desire.

In June last year, we came to our DublDom for another weekend and stayed there to live. Over time, we have slightly adapted the standard layout to our needs. We have three children and often have guests. Over time, the kitchen combined with the dining room and living room was not enough for us. So, we winterized the terrace (through which there was a passage to the barn) and combined it into a single room with the barn. This space became a new kitchen and dining room. By the way, the barn was never really a barn. When we first entered there, we didn't see just a "barn", we saw the guest module.

Currently, we continue to live in our DublDom, we have learned to live in unity with nature and enjoy every new day. We share on social networks about our new village life, thereby inspiring our readers to be as close to nature as possible.

Thanks to Ivan Ovchinnikov for his genius and to the DublDom team for our house, which we love very much!