MAY 2, 2020
Alina Mikhailova's review
Model: KEDR
When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

And that's exactly what happened. One day I was flipping through the Instagram feed and came across a DublDom, it was love at first sight! I held out the phone to my husband saying: "it would be great to live in one!" And without thinking twice he took my phone and begun reading everything about it! And things got rolling, there was a lot of stuff - bold decisions, friends trying to discourage us, the search for a plot, and for almost 2 years now we have been happy residents of the first DublDom in Tyumen))

Harsh Siberian winters and summer heat, strong spring winds - we have got through it and we can say with confidence that DublDom is not just a country house, it's a full-fledged house for permanent residence! Thanks!