"Art space"
Famous Moscow artists Gosha Ostretsov and Lyudmila Konstantinova have a big family. Realizing that it's important for children to spend time outdoors, they bought a plot between Volokolamsk and Ruza. We asked Gosha and Lyudmila about why they chose DublDom and how they plan to settle in the new space.
Architect: Ivan Ovchinnikov
Interior design: owner
Almost all the furniture and lamps in the house are made by Gosha Ostretsov.
The grandmother's first visit to the country house, which appeared largely due to her desire.
Gosha Ostretsov has had a tough position for many years, which he seems to still follow — not to get attached to property. Due to the constant moving around the workshops, he has a feeling of life on wheels, the need to move with all the baggage - paints, tools - keeps in a state of lightness. That's why, probably, Gosha approved the DublDom. According to him, it similar to cafe and supports the lifestyle of the family — when guests change each other during the day, someone runs in for coffee, and someone stays for lunch.
There are many open spaces in the house and workshop, in which Gosha and Lyudmila's eldest daughters, Marfa and Frosya, love to play so much. Hall DD 103 is decorated with works by Gosha Ostretsov.
The original inspiration for the purchase of the plot was Lyudmila's grandmother. Long ago she had a country house, and she wanted her great-grandchildren - Marfa, Frosya, Emelyan and Martin - to go outdoors in the summer, as befits children from a Moscow family. Gosha and Lyudmila heeded, and in the post-crisis 2015 they decided to invest at least in land plot.

Lyudmila, a graduate of the Moscow Architectural Institute, began devising a house worthy of artists. But a meeting with a potential foreman put an end to this dream - almost the entire saved budget would be spent on a box without communications. The idea was abandoned for more than a year and a half, and then Lyudmila remembered the project of her classmate Ivan Ovchinnikov.

"I went to the website and liked everything. Gosha likes everything to be created by an artist," says Lyudmila. - I showed him a DublDom, and he suddenly said: "Yes, it's cool."

"This is different," Gosha continues his wife's story. — I only go to those restaurants whose owners love art, to doctors who love art. Therefore, I didn't want to buy something unclear. Everything was organic here - Lyudmila and Vanya studied together. I remember Vanya from his second year. It was clear that they are good, pleasant people with romantic ideas. With the idea not only to make money, but to change the world. We also live with this idea."
The swing on the terrace – a place of attraction for children ­– was presented for Lyudmila's birthday by carpenter Kirill Osipov.
Arriving at the exhibition area in Zhukovka, both Gosha and Lyudmila wanted to change the project a little. "I saw Vanya and said, "I brought a printout, can we move this and that?" He said: "Don't even show it to me, you can't change anything." We were a little upset, of course," Lyudmila remembers. — Besides, we needed a workshop. Vanya suggested putting two houses in a row, and planting a tree between them. He came up with everything, and we agreed with everything. By that time, we had already accepted that we could not build what we wanted. And then things got changing quickly. In early

May 2018, we signed a contract, and in early October the house was ready just in time for the birthday of our youngest daughter Frosya".
Left: Gosha hates the dominance of the mass-market and fights against standard interiors. He also turned the sofa cover from IKEA into a painting.
Right: One of the small bedrooms became the artist's office.
The houses - BAOBAB and KEDR - are placed in a row on the meadow part of a large plot of more than 4000 square meters. The windows of the workshop (KEDR) overlook the neighbors, and the windows of the main house overlook the natural forest, which the artists decided to leave unchanged. However, most likely, the dream of all children will appear here — a real tree house.
The metal teapot was bought at a flea market in France, some of the pottery is the work of Anna Rakhimberdieva
Gosha behind the creation of a new work of art.
The interior of the house was born spontaneously. Gosha Ostretsov is a great carpenter who has been creating not only paintings, but also original furniture for a long time. Therefore, almost everything is made by his hands — the kitchen, the dining room, and the cabinets in the bathrooms. There are a couple of compromises — in the living room there is a sofa of the hated IKEA (Gosha has repeatedly said in the media that he does not like the mass-market, which deprives of individuality). But even so the sofa was bought with a "white canvas" on it, which Gosha then painted, creating another work of art.
The kitchen is also made by Gosha, and vintage cans for groats were presented by Lyudmila's grandmother. This is another contribution to home improvement.
Desks In the children's bedroom are also made by Gosha, but double beds were made to order. The work of the furniture makers was so far from ideal that the guys wanted to return the order, but in the end beds were slightly modified and left for better times.
Children love to run on wide podiums. Emelyan, Marfa, Martin and Frosya enjoy the first spring warmth.
The landscape will become spontaneous, like the design of the house. Lyudmila says that there are already those who want to do landscaping of the meadow part. The main thing is that now they have a place to plant a Christmas tree, which Lyudmila always buys only in a pot.

The children loved the new house, especially its long outdoor terraces, which are so great for running from house to the workshop and back.
Left: The wet zone was located in the artist's studio in a small bedroom.
Right: In the children's room, above the tables made by Gosha, there is a picture painted by Lyudmila.
Lyudmila and Gosha plan to live an active creative and social life in the summer — for example, they want to organize a special "Fence exhibition" on the fence enclosing the territory of a cottage village. By the way, according to Ostretsov, the DublDom has one significant drawback — the doorways are too small. Through them it is inconvenient to bring in dimensional things necessary in the artist's work. So, in addition to the workshop, it's time for the DublDom to think about creating a special art space project.
Gosha and Lyudmila with their children - Marfa, Frosya, Emelyan and Martin.
Text: Anastasia Ryzhkova
Photos: Ksenia Ryzhkova