AUGUST 11, 2020
Dima Loginov's review
Model: KEDR (BEREZA with extension to KEDR)
Lately I've been bombarded with the same questions about the house. Therefore, I'd rather answer here in one post. The house was built by the already well-known company @dubldom

The house was built at their production facility near Moscow in Zhukovka, brought in parts and assembled in a few days. I don't live in it all year round, but half of the year for sure, not depending on the season – even in the coldest winter.

I spent a long time choosing a house; I've read a lot of "horror stories" from different building blogs about a DublDom. None of the stories came true in two and a half years.

The house is warm in the winter cold and pretty comfortable on the hottest day. I heat the house with electric convectors and sometimes with an oven, but this is more for the mood. The house is energy efficient, I pay much less for electricity in winter than many neighbors.

The company has a good service, in case of problems or if something needs to be added, they come quite quickly. In general, I like everything in this house and I don't see any better offers yet in terms of price/quality.

Probably one of the main advantages of the house is that it is open to nature. You need to think twice about the place where to put it, so that it's not open to the neighbors' eyes. I'm lucky, my neighbors are good friends. So, I have nothing to be particularly shy about)))

I like that my house isn't very noticeable among the neighboring houses, and many villagers are sure that it is an uninhabited barn)

I am often asked why I did not build a house according to my own project and chose a ready-made option? The answer is I'm impulsive and I wanted it here and now. I wanted nature so desperately that it didn't take me long to wait. Perhaps someday, I will design the next house slowly. Or maybe that's enough for me. In any case, the impulse when choosing a house did not let me down and I do not regret it for a minute!

This is not an advertising post. I don't do stuff like that) Although, the DublDom would not got hurt to make some kind of discount at least once)

If you buy this house and you happen to be an interior designer, then at first you will be discouraged by how illogically it's designed placing furniture in the main room, which is the living room, dining room and kitchen at the same time. It's obvious that the house was designed by architects who are far from interiors))) For example, it's not easy to find a place for a TV and a large sofa opposite. On the other hand, this is a compromise of a modular house: strict dependence of modules to the size of the machines that bring them.

I solved the problem of watching movies simply: I plugged a retractable screen on the window, opposite the sofa. When you're not watching a movie, you can admire the garden. There is a short-focus projector on the floor in front of the screen. By the way, due to large number of windows and lots of light, I can only watch movies when it gets dark)) Thick curtains don't work, it would look terrible in this house. But the blinds might have helped. But I repeat, a little discomfort with the arrangement of furniture will most likely be experienced only by those who are professionally engaged in this. According to my observations, usually residents of DublDom do not bother and arrange furniture higgledy-piggledy)

I often hear from friends that a house is something that you need to constantly invest in and it's a bottomless barrel. Of course, at first it will be necessary to count on certain expenses: furniture and appliances, landscaping, infrastructure, such as paths, drainage, lighting, etc. But after that, I don't see what much to invest in here. Maintaining a DublDom does not require special expenses.