MAY 10, 2020
Architect Elena Nikitina's review
Model: KEDR
Today I will tell you in which house I live with my family.

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank the @dubldom team, and in particular Ivan Ovchinnikov (founder and chief architect), for a simple solution. For me, as an architect, it was important that everything was taken into account and would meet my requirements to "Fit the building into the environment". Also, we did not want dirt from the construction being on the plot, we did not want monitoring the workers - whether everything is being executed according to the project, and we also wanted to get a house in a short time and reasonable money.

We have been living in it since the fall of 2018 and everyone asks us HOW? I answer: we're fine. We do not freeze in winter, because we have convectors and the oven that maintain a comfortable temperature in the house, even in our absence. And also because of the large glass area, the house consumes the energy of the sun and retains this heat. We aren't hot/stuffy in summer, because the house is perfectly ventilated in a natural way, and adjustable ventilation valves are also provided.

This is not just a "frame house" as many people write about it, it is a READY-MADE house with engineering solutions. Many people forget that another 800 thousand - 1.2 million rubles (on average) would be spent on finishing, furniture and engineering in the case when you build your " durable " fortress house.

The DublDom allows you to move in and live immediately after its installation (if you immediately order furniture). We only had to provide communications to a certain point on the plot. What is also nice is that there is a DublDom service where you can ask for help with maintenance.

We understand that this architecture is not for everyone, because often people have an individual idea of HOW a house should look like, but think about spending at least a week in it, do you need more floors and where your family mostly gathers?

Approach consciously to the place choosing where the building will stand. Invest in at least a consultation with an architect or a construction specialist and you will be able to avoid mistakes that will cost you extra time and money to remake.