MAY 20, 2020
Yulia Mikhaleva's review
In 2016, we first found out about DublDom and fell in love. We fell in love with huge windows and comfort, with the thoughtfulness of space and ease of assembly, with the speed with which a ready-to-live house can appear and with our minimal participation in it.

We did not plan to buy a country house at all and used country hotels, but we really wanted this particular house. In the same year, for the first time we got out to the nearest suburbs in search of a plot - to no avail. It was very important for us that the windows of the terrace faced the forest and the east side. Cramped horticulture society, new villages with trees without roads and electricity, and there is almost nothing near the forest. So we abandoned this idea.

But in the fall we managed to rent a DublDom in the Moscow oblast for the weekend and it was amazing - a small cozy house that has everything you need for comfort and for visual enjoyment. We fell in love even more and in the spring of 2017 we started working again. We realized what format we are most interested in - a cottage village, a large fenced plot and its own common area with a playground. And the first CV we found suited us – an ideal plot near the forest with the right location on the sides of the world.

In April we signed a contract, and on July 1 we already moved into our house! We didn't understand anything at all about wells and septic tanks, and as an experiment, the DublDom team took it over. We just decided on the location by WhatsApp and ordered furniture by the right time, and on the first day we could stay here to live.

The whole tree line next to us was empty, but suddenly we found a note under the door: "Hello, we are your neighbors and we are building a DublDom nearby." We were pleasantly surprised and in September, another handsome BAOBAB appeared next to us on an individual layout. But there was one plot between us, and we thought how great it would be if there was another DublDom and we would have a small settlement. My husband quickly created a website, and we organized an open day - every weekend guests came to us, watched and asked questions. They were more interested in the house itself, at that time there were still few of them and people had doubts. But still we found neighbors who installed KEDR, and on the other side a similar house grew up.
Now we have a space of four houses behind a common fence, where children visit each other and there is an opportunity to gather in the evening in someone's gazebo. And the quarantine pushed us to move out of town at all, and we are very grateful to the DublDom for this opportunity.

We wouldn't have started this without you ♥